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Product Range

We are the manufacturer, exporter, importer and supplier of Cleanroom Disposables, Cleanroom Consumables, Cleanroom Clothing, ESD Cleanroom Disposables, ESD Cleanroom Consumables, ESD Cleanroom Clothing products. Our wide range of products are as mentioned below:

ESD Chair, ESD Workstation, ESD Safe Chair, ESD Field Service Kit, ESD Flooring System, ESD Tables, ESD Mat, Clean Room Disposables, Clean Room Consumables, Cleanroom Clothing, Cleanroom Audit, Clean Room Training, Cleanroom Designing, ESD PVC Gloves, Lint Free Gloves, Antistatic Elastic Wrist Strap, Cordless Wrist Strap, ESD Testing Devices, ESD Measuring Devices, ESD Safe Soldering Station, ESD Footwear, Antistatic Brush, Grounding Cords, Static Shielding Bags, Antistatic Bags, ESD Apron, ESD Products, Static Eliminator,  Static Ionizer, Conductive Mat, Antistatic Foam, Conductive Foam, Cleanroom Wipes, Cleanroom Swabs, Cleanroom Masks, Cleanroom Head Caps, Conductive Corrugated Sheets, Conductive Corrugated Boxes, Finger Cots, ESD Slippers, ESD Shoe Cover, Soldering Tips, Soldering Bits, Soldering Iron Tips, Soldering Iron Bits, Soldering Station Iron Tips, Rework Station Heating Elements, d Soldering Wires, Lead Free Solders, Soldering Accessories, Lead Free Solder Wire, Desoldering Pump, Soldering Pot, Soldering Testers, Static Control Aids, Static Control Services, ESD Audit, ESD Training, ESD Packaging, ESD Bench, Antistatic Packaging, ESD Bags, ESD Storage Bins, ESD Trays, ESD Foam, ESD Bubble Sheets, ESD Bubble Bags, ESD Storage Bins, Antistatic Trays, Antistatic Chair, Antistatic Table, Antistatic Workstation, Antistatic Bench, ESD Dispenser Bottles, Ionized Air Gun, Ionized Air Blower, Static Testers, ESD Testers, Static Testing Instruments, ESD  Testing Meters,  Surface Resistance Meter, ESD Static Alarm, ESD Finger Cots, ESD Gloves, ESD Pu Coated Gloves, ESD Antistatic Finger Cots, Antistatic Gloves, Antistatic Pu Coated Gloves, ESD Testing Services, ESD Testing, ESD Measuring, ESD Measuring Services, ESD Auditing Service, ESD Training Services, ESD Explosive Area Safety, ESD Solution, ESD Mat Cleaner, ESD Mat Cleaning Solution, ESD Antistatic Solution, ESD Antistatic Mat Cleaner, ESD Antistatic Mat Cleaning Solution, ESD Cleanroom Control, ESD Cleanroom Dust Control, ESD Cleanroom Smocks, ESD Cleanroom Lab Coats, ESD Cleanroom Mops, ESD Wipes, ESD Wipers, ESD Paper Wipes, ESD Polyester Wipes, ESD Tacky Mat, Multilayer Adhesive Door Mats, Silicone Rollers, Sticky Silicone Rollers, Cleanroom Foam Swabs.

Range of Services

of ESD training and ESD Audit at Customer's premises
-Providing solutions to customers requiring process de-bugging or those having problems with ESD and Dust


Our potential is that we are perfectionist in every sense. Our clients are very important to us and we take full care of them. Regular feedback and time-to-time suggestions are collected from them and a separate division has been set up to work on it.

Quality Policy

We are very strict regarding the quality of products like ESD Workstation, ESD Static Eliminator/Ionizer, etc. To ensure supply of only reliable quality of ESD and Clean Room Products  like Cleanroom Disposables, Cleanroom Consumables, Cleanroom Clothing, ESD Cleanroom Disposables, ESD Cleanroom Consumables, ESD Cleanroom Clothing, etc. we have appointed experts from the same field. Experienced staff make sure that not a single defected piece should move to the  market.

Our Motto

Winning the trust of our clients by providing them genuine quality products.

With this motto we plan every move. Our team put complete efforts and take their job very seriously. This dedicated attitude is the reason of our success and we are strongly committed to maintain it.